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The creative behind the work.


Originally a native Malaysian, I graduated in the US with a BFA in Graphic Design and a BS in Broadcasting and Film. I began my career as a motion designer, and eventually became the Creative Director at T2 (now Hint), Kansas City's premier production and post production enterprise. In the 16 years with the company, I have worked on numerous award winning motion graphics, digital special effects and finishing of national/regional commercials, feature films/documentaries and experience design projects.


In 2010, I took the role of an Associate Studio Manager of the Multimedia Studio at Hallmark Cards, Inc., leading the team that delivers technologically driven digital content beyond the traditional ink-on-paper greetings. In 2012, I became the Studio Manager. The following year, the Multimedia Studio merged with the Photography Studio to expand it's range of capabilities, resulting me to be the Video team leader for the new Union Hill Studios.


Outside my day job, I continue to work on graphic design work, photography, and fine arts. I also sing with the Heartland Men's Chorus. I am instrumental in the many multimedia productions of the Chorus' signature Musical Documentaries. 

Ilse, Spring Awakening Promo Series

Photography by Michael Ong

Model: Kristen May Altoro

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